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(the myers-briggs series)

THE DEFENDER: ISFJs project their energy inward; they’re deliberate and private, usually have a small circle of close friends, and are concrete, realistic, and practical. They make their decisions with their hearts, are gentle and empathetic, and get satisfaction from closure. ISFJs are often described as loyal, service-oriented, kind, disciplined, sensitive, warm, humorous, and affirming. They define love in terms of caring and support, cherish deep connections and lifelong friendships, and can be counted on through thick and thin. They feel a great sense of responsibility to their jobs and work well when they know what is expected of them. Good career matches for ISFJs could be military service or a medical doctor. (x)

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onsereverra requested Sherlock + the beating heart of London

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It’s a show about a detective.

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You know my methods, John.
I’m known to be
i  n  d  e  s  t  r  u  c  t  i  b  l  e

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