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internet friends are kinda like illegally downloaded friends. you don’t get the physical copy but you still get all the great content

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people who make you feel better about yourself when you’re sad are so important 

That random person you met online and now is a big part of your life

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Anonymous: imagine if there's also some other-country-version of supernatural just like with Sherlock and Elementary, which is the US version.. 


Supernatural UK where everything is the same except dean drives a ford fiesta, sam makes cups of tea for everyone, and there is a lot of civilized queuing going on

Dean’s Favorite Things About Cas Being Human And Being His Boyfriend


  1. The fact that Cas can no longer POOF, or WOOSH and simply disappear. 
  2. The fact that Cas is really warm and likes to cuddle. 
  3. The fact that Cas loves coffee and kisses. 
  4. The way Cas’ eyes crinkle up at the corners when he laughs. 
  5. The times when Castiel tries to bake for him. 
  6. When Castiel runs his fingers through his hair.  
  7. When Castiel wants to learn how to drive.
  8. And then he almost crashes the Impala. 
  9. But Dean thinks it’s really cute so he just smothers him with feathery kisses. 
  10. The way Cas’ hair sticks up all funny in the mornings. 
  11. His facial expressions when he got his anti-possession tattoo. 
  12. His facial expressions when they have sex. 
  13. His face. 
  14. When he tries to reenact his favorite scenes from movies, like Goodfellas. 
  15. His strange obsession with mob movies. 
  16. His obsession with popcorn. 
  17. The hickeys he leaves on Dean’s neck. 
  18. The awkward looks Sam gives him when he sees said hickeys. 
  19. Impala sex in the backseat. 
  20. Sex in the shower. 
  21. Sex.
  22. The way Cas says Deaaan in that whiney voice. 
  23. The way Cas snores and tries to play it off the next day.
  24. Morning sex.
  25. Sex.

Castiel’s Favorite Things About Being A Human And Being Dean’s Boyfriend


Dean’s List Here: (x)

  1. The way Dean is always warm, even in the cold. 
  2. The way that Dean tries to act all macho but when they turn off the lights he’s a cuddle-bunny.
  3. They way Dean eats all of the meals he makes, even if they taste bad or he burns them. 
  4. The way Dean kisses him in the Impala after he almost crashes it into a tree. 
  5. The little moans that Dean makes when they make love. 
  6. The way Dean lets him rough him up and manhandle him in the bedroom. 
  7. Dean’s little smiles when Castiel tries to talk like Tony Montana. 
  8. The way Dean automatically sits on the floor when they watch movies so Castiel can play with his hair. 
  9. The way Dean huffs and puffs when he doesn’t get his way. 
  10. The way Dean says his name, as though it is still holy, as though it is a prayer on his lips. 
  11. The way Dean groans when Castiel bites down on his neck, leaving little hickeys all over his skin. 
  12. The way Sam looks at them when Dean goes into the kitchen the next morning with said hickeys. 
  13. The way Dean teases him about his snoring. 
  14. Coffee. 
  15. Popcorn. 
  16. Popcorn with loads of butter. 
  17. Making love in the Impala. 
  18. The way Dean’s face crinkles up when Cas says make love
  19. Waking up early and going jogging with Sam. 
  20. Reading books when it’s raining outside. 
  21. Playing board games with Dean (and sometimes Sam). 
  22. Staring at Dean while he sleeps. 
  23. Poking Dean in his little belly and tickling him. 
  24. Kissing Dean.
  25. Dean.







I actually started screaming “AM I MOR-” really loudly and now I’m amazed and embarrassed at the same time.

Seriously love this 


M Y T H O L O G Y : D R A G O N S

Dragons are awe-inspiring patchwork creatures found in the myths and legends of cultures all around the world.

In Europe, they are nightmarish fire-spewing reptiles, large and lizard-like, with the forked tongue of a snake and wings like a bat. In the legends, they are reviled and feared because they liked to imprison maidens, destroy villages and hoard over mountains of gold.

In the ancient cultures of Mexico and South America, a divine feathered serpent known by various names was believed to renew the world after each cycle of destruction.

In China, dragons are amphibious creatures that dwell in oceans, lakes, rivers and even raindrops. They are revered as life-giving symbols of fortune and fertility, capable of unleashing rain in times of drought. They are animal mosaics, possessing the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, the talons of an eagle, the antlers of a stag, and the face of a gilin—another mythical creature that resembles a deer but whose body is wreathed in flames.

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Supernatural + Falloutboy

Shamelessly reblogging because I’m very proud of this and want more people to see it. 

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